>> an interview with mahatma gandhi.

in an interview with an US-American journalist gandhi said in summer 1931:

journalist: "mr. gandhi, you may tell us, please, when you expect to leave for London for the second round table conference."
gandhi: "I have no notion and I don't expect to go there if the hindu muslim question is not satisfactorily solved."

journalist: "if england agreed to your demands, mr. gandhi, do you intend to keep complete prohibition in the new indian states?"
gandhi: "oh yes."

journalist: "absolute prohibition?"
gandhi: "absolute."

journalist: "and do you intend also, if india wins its independence, to abolish child marriages?"
gandhi: "I should very much like to, even before."

journalist: "if england was not fulfilling your demands are you prepared to return to jail again?"
gandhi: "I am always prepared to return to jail."

journalist: "if you go to the second round table conference will you go attired in your native indian dress or will you prefer european dress?"
gandhi: "I shall certainly not be found in european dress and if the weather permitted I should present myself exactly as I am today."

journalist: "and if the king of england invited you to dinner at buckingham palace, you wouldn't go in your customary indian dress?"
gandhi:"In any other dress I should be most discourteous to him because I should be artificial."

journalist: "would you be prepared to die in the cause of india's independence?"
gandhi: "this is a bad question."

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